Friday, May 20, 2011

What's New Pussycat!

Greetings Warrior Innkeepers!

Last month was a difficult month as you may have read in the previous blog. I lost my first boss in this biz, my mentor, my friend, my brother (figuratively speaking) but Ty will never be forgotten nor will the lessons I learned from him. The most important of which, Never give up.

So here we are, it's May already and W.I.C. is on BACK online that is. The Less Than Historical Adventures of Li'l Lincoln has been updated as well as our new-to-the-web comic The Magnanimous Invention of Ben & Mike! Both webcomics will be updated every Wednesday so be sure to bookmark them or watch our FB page for weekly reminders.

"What about the books your Myspace page mentions," you may ask?

Well, this summer we will be releasing our first Annual magazine Warrior's Inn! Named after our blog it will contain Interviews with all your favorite Indie creators and a couple pro's I'll be announcing in about month, a few journalistic articles related to making comics and... ... well I'm not going to give away all my eggs in one basket but the next time I talk about Warrior's Inn Magazine you'll want to listen (or in this case read!)

Super Vampire Bunny - you've read this on myspace but what is it? Though the project is pretty hush, hush right now I will tell you this. The book follows a teenage boy... who happens to be a anamorphic bunny in a human world... who also happens to be... ya you guessed it, a vampire! Created by my niece Kyra with my brother Josh handling the story and art and me at the helm of the script this book is going to be a can't miss for every vampire and bunny lover out there! We are very excited about this one and are putting all our effort into making it the best book it possibly can be. Friend us on FB if you haven't already for updates on this project and sneak peaks at SVB - Super Vampire Bunny!

As for the growing Less Than Historical Universe we have no release dates yet for the second issue of Li'l Lincoln or the first issue of Ben & Mike. All I can say is Paul Johnson is drawing/inking/coloring every page of both books and they are going to be EPIC!

Before I go I wish to thank everyone for their continued support and fandom. It has been one heck of a ride and I have no plans of getting off this roller coaster any time soon! Thank you all!

So, that's all folks!

-Benjamin J. Kreger
Warrior Innkeeper Comics

Keep your Inn doors open and your Warrior's on guard. Goodnight!