Thursday, August 26, 2010

Q & A with Publisher Benjamin J. Kreger

Warriors and Innkeepers alike,

Writing comics is an amazing gig! This is surely the best idea I've had in a long, long time. But I'm here to address a few things that have been on my mind as well as yours.
Without further ado, here is a reader inspired Q&A:

Q: Why hasn't The Less Than Historical Adventures of Lil' Lincoln been updated?

A: Well, folks that's cause of a few factors. 1) We here at Warrior Innkeeper Comics are going through some restructuring and some "construction" in preparing for a major marketing campaign. 2) ...Lil' Lincoln is also getting a small overhaul. "What?!" Don't worry, we aren't touching the fundamentals that you have all come to know and love, we are simply working to make it better than ever. The script for issue #2 is done and has been handed over to Paul and issue #3 is nearing completion. We really think you will like the story arc which will be introduced in #2 and come to conclusion in #3. Benny Jack has a few surprises for you and added some new characters to the growing pantheon that is less than historical! Paul, as always is working to bring you the most spectacular art, ever the perfectionist, issue #2 is looking better than ever! Check out our pics to see the newest sketch of Abe, just delivered today! Gotta love it! 3) In the mean time we are bringing on some guest writers who will debut soon with their own interpretation of a few minor characters. We are very excited about these Lil' spin-offs and can't wait to deliver them to our loyal readers!

Q: When will we get to see The Less Than Historical Adventures of Lil' Lincoln in print?

A: The best answer I have for that is, soon. Okay, not good enough? How about February 12th, 2011? Is that good enough? Well I hope it is! This coming year (2011 dummy) we will finally bring our heroes to the printed world! However, as we go through the process of building a better company to serve you our readers, there are many things we have to consider before we share anymore information but right now the plan is to release a printed version of Issue #1 (with of course never before seen bonus stuffs) on the anniversary of the the comics launch.

Q: There have been rumors of an official website, when will it go live?

A: Yes, it is true, we are working on an official website. I'm glad this was brought up. Again, there are things in production so what we can share is limited. I can say there will be a website by the beginning of the year, The Less Than Historical Adventures of Lil' Lincoln webcomic will be moved to the official page with, (with any luck) better load times so it is easier to read on the web. In the mean time smackjeeves will continue to host it and we'd like to thank smackjeeves for giving us a free place to share our work with our great audience!

Q: Does Warrior Innkeeper Comics have any comics other than ...Lil' Lincoln?

A: We do have several comics in development that we hope to have come out next year and we hope you stay tuned to our blogs and facebook for more information on these projects as they become available. But I'll tease you with their titles right now!

The Black Suit of Death - a grim reaper story

Warrior's Inn - a secret project

Super Vampire Bunny - well the title says it all, vampires, bunnies and super stuff! It's going to blow your mind!

Well that's all folks! Remember to check back soon for more updates and more sneak peaks!

Benjamin J. Kreger
Warrior Innkeeper Comics