Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creators Edge: All hype?

Creator’s Edge is going to have to fall off the edge of a cliff and into the ocean if they ever hope to make a splash in the comics world. After all the hype and all the talk I was expecting big things from Chuck Messinger and his crew of creators as I was handed my copy of Creators Edge Preview. The cover alone smashed my preconceived perceptions of what I was expecting.

“Lame,” was the first word which came to mind as I looked down at the newspaper print preview book. But I endeavored to give it a shot, maybe Messinger just didn’t have an eye for covers. These things happen.

I opened it to read Josh Inman’s editor’s note -a lot of self-hype without self-control ending with the sentence, “Now shut up and read.” Yeah, I figure Inman thinks he’s being funny but so missing the mark. He could do from a viewing of Simon Pegg’s movie, “How to Loose Friends and Alienate People.”

I was growing more and more disappointed by the minute. Should I even bother? If it weren’t for Stephen Lindsey and Travis Bundy having work in this book, I can tell ya right now, I would have just thrown this in the recycling bin.

To my pleasure Lindsey’s story was first: The DEVIL's TRAIL. The art was awesome. This guy knows how to choose a penciler! And as far as revolution goes, Lindsey is one of the few, and I mean few, who are actually doing something fresh in the comics world. Now, honestly, from the four page preview here, I can only guess what this book is about. However, a naked zombie chick with boobs down to her knees… that alone fuels my desire to buy this book hot off the press! When Lindsey takes the helm, you know you are in for a ride like none other!

Next up was JEFF by Travis Bundy. I’ve met this guy, nice chap. He drew a pick of Lil’ Lincoln in my sketchbook when the comic was still in development. I like him and wasn’t surprised I’d like his book. JEFF starts out with a 20-something (I’m guessing) waking up and having a nice nutritional corndog breakfast when all of the sudden he is zapped into an alternate realm. Apparently this is a common thing for Jeff and he is more than willing to save a 34-D breasted damsel in distress from a dragon. Bundy’s art is fantastic! His skill as an illustrator is well honed. Being a geek, I’m digging this D&D style story. A must read in my book.

I’m relaxing now. I’m feeling better about this preview book. It seems you can’t judge a book by the cover… or can you? I turn to the next page.

“What the crap!?”


Is that a chick or a dude with “moobs”? I can’t tell but I’m already in this, might as well see it out. A story about killer rain… ugh. Art feels like a Romata Jr. wanna be but, crappy… no, lets just say shitty. (Sorry dude but you gots lots to learns.) It’s a story about killer rain… Next!


Nice concept… very poor execution. I’m not in the mood to detail everything that is wrong with this one, all I’ll say is, everything is wrong with this one!


Here’s the one I’ve been waiting for. The one written by my buddy Chuck… … The art, is …um… interesting? And the story… well, there are a number of captions that should have been left out or rather they should have been instruction to the artist. For instance,

Page 2

Panel 1

Dialogue: What the fuck, Jim?

Caption: She states as she walks into the kitchen entrance, taking a moment to adjust her granny panties before she walks through the swinging door.

This one panel could have made a very amusing and even funny page of panels. Chuck should have had his artist, Thiago Castro draw the waitress pulling her panties out of her butt and going through a swinging door and have something curious on the other side of the door… omg… it hurts.

Look, I could go on but this is turning into a bitchfest and I have no love of tearing dreams down but, facts are facts, this company is off to a crappy, I mean crappy start. With the exception of Lindsey, McMunn and Bundy there is nothing professional here. The writing is weak at best the art sad and amateurish. And what the fuck does, “Indy revolution” mean? Do you all really think you are doing something new? But that is an argument for another time.

My summation of Creators Edge is, avoid it, save your money for quality comics. Don’t buy this garbage. There is nothing such thing as an Indy Revolution… if anything Creators Edge is an Indy Disillusion.

P. S. I must make one amendment, do buy Stephen Lindsey’s, THE DEVIL’S TRAIL and Travis Bundy’s, JEFF. Those two books are going to be worth the money. Chuck Messinger is lucky to have those two amazing talents in his mix.

...and Chuck, if you want your company to be anything, stop the lame hype, can the hacks and seek more talent like Bundy and Lindsey. Then… and only then, will you see a real evolution in comics!

UPDATE: Creators Edge has come a long way since their humble beginnings... visit this blog again in January to see what they've been doing and where they are up to next!